We built a robot that makes tea! You can find a teaBOT at the offices of top employers like Google, McKinsey, HubSpot and many more. These companies use teaBOT to recruit and retain the best employees. At teaBOT, we believe that there’s a perfect cup of tea for each person and our goal is to help you find it. We partner with premium tea farms and suppliers to provide the best ingredients to allow our customers to create their perfect cup. As a team of engineers and designers, we have built this app to augment the teaBOT experience to allow you to save and share your favorite blends and make the teaBOT experience contactless.

teaBOT allows you to create and order a custom cup of loose-leaf tea at the touch of a button. This app enables tea lovers control every aspect of their tea, including the percentage of each ingredient, the strength and even temperature. Whether trying new flavors, reordering a favorite, or enjoying a friend’s blend, teaBOT guides you in creating a great blend using data from our database of blends created using our platform. Soon, you will be able to order your custom blend to enjoy at home. We also share the most popular blends on our website for everyone to enjoy.