Q: How can I get a teaBOT for my space?
A: Wonderful! We’d be happy to put a teaBOT in your office or showroom. We primarily serve Toronto, Chicago and Boston at this time. Our clients love having this great amenity in their space! Please send us an email at [email protected] to discuss the opportunity.

Q: Where can I find a teaBOT?
A: Great question! Most teaBOTs are in private offices, so they’re only accessible to members. However, some are publicly available like those in Organic Garage and Startwell in Toronto.

Q: What is the perfect temperature to brew a tea?
A: The brew temperature depends on the type of tea! Below are different teas, and our recommended brew temperatures:
Black tea: 90 C
Herbal tea: 90 C
Oolong: 85 C
Green tea: 75 C
White tea: 70 C

Q: How many flavors are in each teaBOT?
A: Each teaBOT has 18 different teas – this means you can create thousands of blends! But we have even more available, so please reach out if you can’t find what you like: [email protected]

Q: Does teaBOT tea contain nuts or other food allergens?

A: No, teaBOT teas do not contain tree nuts, peanuts or other food allergens, and we do check all ingredients in our tea to ensure this. We cannot guarantee that the teas were packed in an allergen-free facility. If you have further questions about a specific tea or our whole menu, please reach out to [email protected].