Refreshingly cool, peppermint is known for its smooth finish. The menthol flavours deliver a strong cooling, refreshing experience that lasts on your palate. Peppermint is great on its own or blended with nearly any of our other teas. Our Willamette Valley Peppermint is from Central Oregon and grown on a 1000 acre farm and is one of the few organic certified farms.



Ginger root has a sharp flavour with a sweet finish. The perfect ingredient to spice things up! Pepper and citrus notes are lively and sharp, leaving the tea drinker with warm and sustained flavours. Our Ginger is from the Tiruvalla region in the South Indian state of Kerala.



Lavender tea offers a strong flowery aroma that calms and soothes. Paired with its natural astringency, lavender is a floral tea that offers generous botanical, citrus, and bitter notes. Grown in the South of France, this cultivated Lavender is by a growers co-op.

Crimson Berry


Crimson berry is the ultimate fruity tea. Strawberry flavours are most prominent, delivering a full, sweet taste, and hibiscus adds tart, sour notes for balance.



Originating from South Africa, Rooibos is a great caffeine free alternative to traditional teas. Rooibos first informs the olfactory senses with a peachy, sweet aroma. On the palate, Rooibos is a sturdy tea with fruity sweet flavours of botanicals, and roses. Our Rooibos (Red Bush) is from the Clanwilliam region of the Cederberg Mountains in South Africa. This is the heart of the Rooibos growing regions in South Africa.

Moroccan Mint


A bold and aromatic green tea paired with refreshing mint makes this one of our favourite green blends. The base is a lightly smoky hand-rolled gunpowder green tea.

Choco Cherry


This well-loved Ceylon black tea is sprinkled with cherry and cacao shells for a deliciously decadent cup. Great with a dash of milk and sugar.

Hello Mellow

The perfect herbal blend for those days when all you want to do is kick off your shoes, sink into a comfy couch and mellow out. A blend of rooibos, peppermint and soothing chamomile flowers.

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