Customize Your Tea: How Do I Blend Yerba Maté?

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Yerba Maté, a South American herbal tea with amazing health benefits, has made its way to Toronto. As one of the ingredients teaBOT has to offer, we can tell you more about Yerba Maté and some great ways to blend it.

What is Yerba Maté?
Yerba Maté is made from the dried leaves of a holly tree that is found in the South American rainforest. With health properties and a flavour similar to green tea, this drink is ideal for someone looking for increased energy and health benefits.

[one_half]Why should I drink Yerba Maté?
Yerba Maté has been popular as a social and health drink in South America for centuries. The health benefits of this tea are so great that, in a letter written in the 17th century, a Jesuit priest wrote fearfully that “too many virtues were attributed to this herb”.
These benefits include:

  • increased mental focus
  • more calories burned
  • vitamins (including A, C), minerals (including Iron)* and 15 amino acids[1]
  • a high polyphenol concentration, which helps reduce the risk of diabetes and can even relieve allergies
  • a higher antioxidant capacity** than green tea[2]
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What can I blend Yerba Maté with?
Yerba Maté has a flavour that is sometimes too bitter for many people. Luckily you can balance the bitterness, without losing any health benefits, by creating your own blend. You can try pairing it with:
Chocolate Cacao Shells and Vanilla Cacao Shells
Creamy Nut Oolong, with caramel and nut flavours
Masala Chai, a black tea spiced with cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and cloves

How do I start Blending?

Use our App Visit our Shop Page Find a Teabot
You can blend your own Yerba Maté by using our app, found at By selecting from a list of ingredients or pre-set blends, a cup of customised tea is now at your fingertips. Try a Yerba Maté blend by visiting our Shop page. Choco Mint, a mix of Yerba Maté, cacao shells and peppermint, is a best-seller and is available here. By using our teaBOT, you can fully customise your Yerba Maté. From controlling the caffeine levels and water temperature to choosing from our list of ingredients or pre-set blends, you can have a cup of tea the way you want it. Try out our teaBOT exclusive Chai This Maté blend, a combination of Masala Chai, Yerba Maté and Vanilla Cacao Shells.


Have you tried Yerba Maté? What would you blend with your Maté?



* In one serving, it is estimated that (out of the percentage of daily recommended intake) Yerba Maté provides 2% (90IU) and 4% (1.8mg) of

[1] Dralyuk, I., Clouatre, D., & Preuss, H. G. (2006). Yerba Mate: A Review. Original Internist, 13(3), 137-144.

[2] Heck, C., & De Mejia, E. (2007). Yerba Mate Tea (Ilex paraguariensis): A Comprehensive Review on Chemistry, Health Implications and Technological Considerations. Concise Reviews in Food Science, 72(9), 138-151.

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