OUT OF STOCKCaramel Cacao

Caramel Cacao


Our top seller, Caramel Nut Oolong blended with Vanilla and Chocolate Cacao shells.

OUT OF STOCKChai These Nuts

Chai These Nuts


This bold masala chai and oolong blend is full of fragrant spices, and sweet and nutty caramel. This crowd pleaser is our most popular blend.

OUT OF STOCKChoco Cherry

Choco Cherry


This well-loved Ceylon black tea is sprinkled with cherry, almond and cacao shells for a deliciously decadent cup. Great with a dash of milk and sugar.

OUT OF STOCKHello Mellow

Hello Mellow

The perfect herbal blend for those days when all you want to do is kick off your shoes, sink into a comfy couch and mellow out. A blend of rooibos, peppermint and soothing chamomile flowers.

Moroccan Mint


A bold and aromatic green tea paired with refreshing mint makes this one of our favourite green blends. The base is a lightly smoky hand-rolled gunpowder green tea.

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