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We did a lot of thinking and taste-testing before deciding on our first seven blends to be featured! We wanted to cover a wide variety of teas, so that every tea-lover could find something they liked. Our lineup was selected based on customer feedback and has black, green, oolong, mate, rooibos, and herbal teas – a bit of something for everyone!


Chai These Nuts

The first thing we knew we had to do was include a chai tea. Everyone loves chai. Whether you like it strong and spicy and drink it black, or whether you enjoy balancing the flavour with other teas, milk, and sweetener, it’s one of our most popular ingredients. Our masala chai features black tea, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and bay leaves. We decided to combine its spicy flavour with a bit of sweetness. One of our newer teas, nutty caramel, has caramel pieces and hazelnut brittle, two features that have won the hearts of many a tea-drinker. We balanced these two teas against each other to create a smooth, full-bodied flavour that is delicious on its own or with milk. And as for its name? Our co-founder Brian coined the brilliant phrase “Chai These Nuts” and from that moment on it was a hit.




Chai These Nuts Black Tea by teaBOT
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Smokin' Gun Green Tea
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Smokin’ Gun

Next on the list was a green tea. We wanted something fun and different that would change the traditional view of green tea. Gunpowder green is a strong green tea which takes its name from its resemblance to gunpowder, since each of its leaves has been rolled into a small round pellet. We decided to add a smoky flavour to it for the more adventurous tea drinkers. Lapsang is a Chinese black tea that has been dried over a smoking pine fire. It’s too strong to drink on its own – the first few ratios we tried, we could barely even drink! But we finally settled on the perfect ratio that has a slight smoky taste and has been well received by our customers. Again, Brian struck gold with the name, and “Smokin’ Gun” was born.
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The mate was an easy decision – we have a delicious chocolate yerba mate that has mini chocolate chips which melt in your cup as you’re drinking them – it’s pretty much hot chocolate but healthier! Chocolate goes well with everything (as we all know), but it goes especially well with mint. We taste-tested a few blends of chocolate and peppermint and settled on a crowd-pleasing combination. One person described it as like drinking an After Eight chocolate – we couldn’t agree more. “Choco-Mint” perfectly describes everything you need to know about this blend and has been a best-seller!
[/two_third] [one_third_last] Choco Mint Mate Tea
[/one_third_last] [one_third] Hello Mellow herbal tea (chamomile peppermint rooibos)
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Hello Mellow

We figured we also needed a caffeine-free blend for the herbal lovers out there. We went for a blend of three classics – a South African rooibos, dried peppermint leaves, and chamomile flowers. The result is a soothing blend that is perfect for a relaxing evening or a sore throat. We loved its mellow flavour so much that we called it “Hello Mellow”.
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The Bitter Earl

Most people know the classic earl grey, which is a black tea with the citrus flavour of bergamot. But not many people know that it’s a perfect base for blending all sorts of flavours – vanilla, lavender, and even fruits! We paired it with a hint of lemon hibiscus to create “The Bitter Earl”, which has been a favourite among both lovers of earl grey and first-timers.
[/two_third] [one_third_last] Earl Grey Black Tea Lemon
[/one_third_last] [one_third] Citrus Greens Green Tea Genmai Cha
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Citrus Greens

Genmai cha is a popular Japanese green tea blended with toasted brown rice. This “popcorn tea”, so-called since some of the rice kernels pop during the roasting process, differs from other green teas in its mellowness – unlike most green teas that have a stronger taste, this one has a soft, almost buttery feeling to it. It’s often consumed alone, but we decided to mix things up and add some lemon and lime flavours with our citrus green blend to make “Citrus Greens”.
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The Amaretto Cherry

Finally, to balance it out, we went with one of our newer blends which is delicious on its own. It features a black tea base with cherry and amaretto pieces, giving it a strong but sweet flavour. “The Amaretto Cherry” has been a popular addition to our menu. For cocktail drinkers out there, we recommend adding a shot of whiskey or vodka to this one!
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What blends should we feature next? Any feedback on these blends that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below!


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