These are the ingredients we provide to our customers to create their own custom blends.

OUT OF STOCKEarl GreyEarl Grey

Earl Grey


A premium black tea with citrus and fruity fragrances of bergamot. This silky tea is comforting, and with woodland notes is reminiscent of cedar wood. A great tea for a rainy day!

OUT OF STOCKEnglish Breakfast (Orange Pekoe)English Breakfast (Orange Pekoe)

English Breakfast (Orange Pekoe)


Also known as Orange Pekoe, this is the perfect go-to black tea of a perfect base for blending. This classic tea is often served during high tea with petities-fours and finger sandwiches, this well-rounded black tea delivers robust and long lasting flavours. English breakfast is a generous tea with vanilla, woody, and honey tones.

OUT OF STOCKMasala ChaiMasala Chai

Masala Chai


The favourite tea of the Indian subcontinent, masala chai offers a pleasant spicy, sweet, and robust flavour experience. Upon tasting, masala chai is a velvety sweet mix of vanilla, ginger, and masala (which contains cinnamon, cardamom, and mace).

OUT OF STOCKCherry (Black Tea)Cherry (Black Tea)

Cherry (Black Tea)


Our cherry tea tastes like cherries! Delivering a satisfying fruity cherry flavour, this tea strikes a delicate balance between sour and sweet that washes off the back and sides of your palette.

OUT OF STOCKJasmine GreenJasmine Green

Jasmine Green


Green tea scented with Night Blooming Jasmine blossoms. Jasmine is a light, delicate, and refreshing Chinese green tea. It offers bittersweet and floral flavours that play on the front of your palette.

OUT OF STOCKCacao NibsCacao Nibs

Cacao Nibs


Cacao nibs come from crushing cacao beans, and provide very thick, creamy, full-bodied tea. This tea has dark cacao on the nose, then a similar dark cacao flavour that is rich, decadent and results in a smooth and dry finish.

OUT OF STOCKCacao ShellsCacao Shells

Cacao Shells


Cacao shells are the casing of the cacao beans. When steeped, these shells release a dark cacao flavour that is rich, decadent and results in a smooth and dry finish.




True to form, this tea delivers a thick, full bodied cinnamon flavour. After smelling its spicy perfume, cinnamon tea offers an equally spicy, warm, and sweet flavour experience. 

OUT OF STOCKGenmaichaGenmaicha



A robust, earthy Japanese tea that plays on the back of your palette, genmaicha is perfect for a tea drinker looking for lots of flavour. Grains of roasted, popped rice give this green tea notes of popcorn, toasted nuts, and umami.

OUT OF STOCKGunpowder GreenGunpowder Green

Gunpowder Green


Our hand-rolled Gunpowder or “Pearl Tea” is cultivated in Zhejiang Province, near the beautiful city of Hangzhou. Gunpowder green offers an augmented green tea experience, with soft woody and vegetal undertones. This light Chinese green tea delivers mellow and refined flavours.




Lemon tea is a citrus-forward drink that offers refreshing astringent, and tart flavours. This herbal tea offers a vigorous taste experience, supported by zesty woody undertones and hesperian notes.

OUT OF STOCKLemongrass



A zesty, bright tea that reaches your nose before your palette. Lemongrass has a soft citrus flavour, accompanied by a tart, astringent finish. 




Licorice is a sweet and strong tea flavour that stays true to its name. A pungent sweet licorice flavour is supported by bitter, earthy undertones. 

OUT OF STOCKOolongOolong



Our Se Chung Oolong is a classic Chinese tea that has been enjoyed for centuries. Oolong comes from the same plant as green and black tea, but is oxidized longer than green tea, but not as long as black tea.  A hydrating Chinese tea, with a clean, dry wash has flavours of warm hay, fragrant grassy mist.

OUT OF STOCKStrawberry HibiscusStrawberry Hibiscus

Strawberry Hibiscus


Strawberry hibiscus is the ultimate fruity tea. Strawberry flavours are most prominent, delivering a full, sweet taste, and hibiscus adds tart, sour notes for balance. This Egyptian Hibiscus, or Roselle, is grown by passionate farmers who have been cultivating this for generations!

OUT OF STOCKChamomileChamomile



The epitome of calm and relaxation, chamomile first delivers a sweet, floral aroma to the olfactory senses. Upon tasting, this tea has light sweet citrus and herbaceous taste. Our Chamomile is grown in the Lush Nile Valley and is called “Earth’s Apple” the Greek translation of Chamomile.

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